Management Advisory Services

In a constantly evolving business scenario, businesses face the unique challenge to keep abreast with the ever-changing laws, technologies, and business combinations. The major challenges being faced by any business enterprise are in understanding the statute, adopting technological changes, and synergizing businesses, all of which have a deep impact on the way business is carried out, both in the domestic and international market. MITRAA’s pool of experienced professionals constantly works on the needs of the business enterprise and provides timely and workable solutions.


At MITRAA - Our Team of professionals understands the varying needs of Business enterprises and deliver actionable insights and recommendations that drive meaningful business results.

We assist business organizations in the areas of:

Strategic Planning:

Identify the goals and objectives and develop a plan to achieve them.

Organizational Structure:

Design and reorganize the structure, processes, and roles to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Operations Management:

Improve the operational processes, such as Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and Business Process Re-engineering.

Change Management:

Manage and implement changes by introducing new technology and business processes.

Cost Management:

Implementing suitable costing strategies and carrying out efficiency analysis to increase productivity.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Plan and execute mergers and acquisitions by providing assistance in business valuations, due diligence, legal process, documentation, direct and indirect tax impacts, and financial requirements.

Performance Benchmarking:

Measure and improve performance using Critical Success Factors (CSF), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Balanced Scorecards.

Information Technology:

Evaluate, design, develop and implement new technology solutions, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Block-chain and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),

Human Resources Management:

Design and implement suitable HR policy, 360-degree performance appraisal system, and talent management.

Financial Services

At MITRAA, the team comprising of professionals having decades of experience, engage and understand the needs and provide a comprehensive and integrated financial solution in the field of Merchant Banking, Finance and Investment Banking.

We assist business organizations in the areas of:

Capital Market Advisory Services:

Assistance in Initial Public Offering (IPO) | Market Making Services

Mobilizing Funds for Corporates:

Primary & Secondary Market | Private Investment in Public Enterprises (PIPE)

Debt Funding Services:

From Banks| Non-Banking Financial Companies | Private Funding | Asset Reconstruction Companies | Corporate Debt Restructuring

Advisory Services:

Mergers and Acquisitions | Sale of companies/ business including Cross Border Transactions | Overseas Business Consulting

Investment Banking:

Private Equity | Venture Capital Funding

Transaction Advisory Services

At MITRAA we provide business consulting with an end purpose. Our team of experts help not only in charting the path, but hand hold you in executing and monitoring the journey till the end result has been achieved. Our team ensures proper navigation through the intricacies of the laws and the regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with all regulatory authorities. We understand the needs of your business and take care of your needs to help you save time and resources.

We assist business organizations in the areas of:

Mergers and Acquisitions:

We take care of all related services including due diligence, legal processes, documentation, financial requirements, business valuation and tax structuring and impact assessment.

Foreign Exchange Management Act [FEMA]:

We advise the entities in Entry options into India and make representations to the government bodies. Our team assists in Structuring/Restructuring investments both Inbound into India and Outbound from India.

Project Appraisals:

We carry out Techno Economic Feasibility Studies to assess the project’s viability and provide a complete solution through Cost Benefit Analysis.

Due Diligence:

We provide complete investigation services with respect to Legal, Financial and Taxation spheres with comprehensive cost benefit analysis.

Corporate Restructuring:

We provide services for company restructuring and financial reorganization to ensure improved efficiency and profitable operations.