Assurance and Risk Advisory Services

At MITRAA our services begin with providing enterprise-wide risk governance, enterprise risk assessment, and financial risk management services. Team MITRAA believes that the best way to deal with situations is to predict future events and identify and mitigate the probable risks associated with each business situation.

AT MITRAA we assess the clients’ operating procedures and the existing system of internal audit process to check whether they are in sync with the business environment in which the enterprise exists, identify gaps, and suggest remedial measures. We provide a complete growth and improvement strategy.

This includes Management Audit | Information Systems Audit | Information Technology Audit and Security Audit | Proprietary & Investigative Audit | Audit of Third-Party Service Level Agreements.

Assurance Services

We assist business organizations in the areas of:

Assistance in Auditing:

Audit assistance services provide independent verification of the records and provide an internal opinion to the management on the fairness of financial statements and compliance with accounting standards, laws, and regulations.

Agreed-Upon Procedures:

These are tailored services that are agreed upon in advance with the client and provide assurance on specific issues or areas of business operations or financial information.

Financial Statement Preparation:

We provide assistance in the preparation of financial statements in compliance with accounting standards and provide an overview of the financial health of the organization.

Management Audit:

Carry out internal reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of the internal controls, risk management processes, and governance.

Compliance Reviews:

Assist organizations assess their compliance with laws, regulations, industry standards, and best practices.

Special Purpose Assurance Engagement:

We provide service in specific areas like sustainability reporting, corporate social responsibility reporting, compliance with regulatory or industry-specific standards, and other specialized areas.

Data Analytics and Forensic Accounting:

This service assists organizations to identify issues or errors, detecting fraud, and conduct investigations.

Risk Advisory Services

We assist business organizations in the areas of:

Risk Assessment:

We identify potential risks to the organization and evaluate their likelihood and impact. This includes issues like financial risks, operational risks, and compliance risks.

Risk Management:

Once risks have been identified and assessed, we help organizations develop and implement strategies for mitigating or managing those risks.

Internal Control Assessment:

We evaluate the internal control systems of an organization to identify any control deficiencies and recommend solutions.

Compliance Management:

We help an organization to understand and comply with laws, regulatory requirements, standards, and best practices that need to be adhered to.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM):

Team MITRAA uses a holistic approach to assess, manage, and report the risks of an organization.